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CQI Certificate in Quality Management

Level 3

U303 - Monitoring and Measuring for Quality

The CQI Certificate in Quality Management provides those responsible for service or product quality with the foundation for formal development in their role and an introductory qualification for new and potential quality managers. The qualification provides an understanding of what quality management means in an organisational context and the component parts of the quality management process.

Potential job roles: Quality Technician, Customer Service Team Leader, Operations Team Leader, Engineering Technician.



Recommended learning hours: 20

Unit aim: To understand the importance of data collection and analysis as a means for decision making, with regard to product and service quality, the use and limitation of the broad range of monitoring, measurement and diagnostic tools and techniques available and their application.

Assessment type: Examination

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the role of monitoring and measuring in making decisions relating to quality
  2. Understand the use of methods for data collection and analysis

Every successful candidate can at the end of this unit: 

  1. Describe the quality principle ‘factual approach to decision making’
  2. List monitoring and measuring techniques that a business might use and identify where and how they might be applied
  3. List and describe a selection of analytical tools for diagnosis and control of data (including variable, attribute, qualitative)
  4. Interpret data and make conclusions or recommendations on results

Indicative content:

  • Fundamental principles
    • Principle of ‘factual approach’ to decision making’ (ISO 9000)
    • Types of data:
      • Variable
      • Attribute
      • Subjective
    • Introduction to sampling plans
    • Reducing sampling risks
  • Criteria for selection
    • When, where and how much data to collect
    • How it should be collected and by whom
  • Types of data collection
    • Data collection methods:
    • Process measures
    • Key performance indicators
    • Surveys
    • Periodic sampling
    • In process inspection
  • Tools for data collection
    • Inspection and test records
    • Automatic data collection
    • Time based records (processing speed)
    • Database queries and reports / data mining
    • Check sheets / tally sheets


cqi certificate coursebook - unit 303  cqi certificate workbook - unit 303

             U303 coursebook                               U303 workbook


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