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Introduction to Management Systems

Foundation Level - FD 107

Course duration: 8 hours

Topic areas: Management Systems

Assessment: Assignment

Recommended prior knowledge: None required


This course provides participants with an awareness and understanding of the principles of management systems in general.

Delegates will learn how to develop a management approach based on customer and stakeholder requirements, and improving customer satisfaction. Participants will gain the ability to contribute to developing or implementing a quality management system for their organisation that makes a real impact.

On completion of this course delegates will be awarded a certificate in foundation level – Introduction to Management Systems.


Who is it for?

Foundation courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to quality, or who work in other functions or professions.

Indicative course content

  • Overview of management systems and the purpose of ISO 9001:2015
  • Benefits and scope of a management system
  • Seven principles of quality management
  • Overview of:
    • System thinking, the supply chain and PDCA
    • Seeking opportunities and reducing risk – risk-based thinking
    • Challenging the organization – policy deployment
    • Improving the organisation – quality planning
    • Managing processes and measuring performance
    • Sustaining gains – continual improvement
    • Evaluating and improving the organization – role of audit, assessment and certification

How to Apply 

Contact QM&T by sending an email to help@qmt.co.uk