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Introduction to Problem Solving 

Foundation Level - FD 102


Course duration: 16 hours

Topic areas: Process Improvement

Assessment: Assignment

Recommended prior knowledge: Non required


Gain a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of problem solving with this course.

This course will cover the essential tools, techniques and methodologies for problem solving, giving delegates the confidence to actively participate in problem-solving teams. Learning outcomes will cover the application of key tools in order to develop robust, sustainable solutions that have a big impact on quality.

At the end of this course delegates will be awarded a certificate of completion in foundation level - Introduction to Problem Solving. 

Who is it for?

Foundation courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to quality, or who work in other functions or professions.

Indicative course content

  • Problem definition, scope. (Is/Is Not, Description structures, customer/stakeholder requirements)
  • Understanding how to gather data about customer requirements using focus groups, face to face interviews, questionnaires, interviews and observation
  • Risk identification and key tools for risk analysis (Risk register, risk matrix, PDPC and FMEA)
  • Working as a team member with the following tools:
    • Tools to understand current conditions (flowcharts, check sheets, stratification, Pareto charts)
    • Tools for root cause analysis (cause/effect Diagram, 5Whys)
    • Solution generation (selection matrices)
    • Evaluation of solutions (PDCA & risk assessment)
    • Implementation of solutions (standardisation, monitoring, follow up)

How to Apply

Contact QM&T by sending an email to help@qmt.co.uk