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Course Bitcoins coronavirus and its impact on the value of the coin

The main digital asset often is referred to the “defensive assets” such as gold. Reporters versed in what factors can affect the value of the coin in both directions. On the relationship between coronavirus cryptocurrency read the material.

 A new disease has spread to China and other Asian countries. According to Xinhua, reported cases of human infection have reached 6973. In an attempt to localize coronavirus several Chinese cities have been isolated. The outbreak of the disease can affect the value of various financial assets, including cryptocurrency.

 In recent years, actively discussed topic of Bitcoins as an asset that has protective properties. It is understood that in the event of natural disasters digital currency can contribute to the harmonization of the situation. More information about this can be found in our material.

 This feature of Bitcoins can contribute to the growth of its value due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

 Another argument in favor of this theory is that China – a major player in the market kriptovalyutnom.

 Analysts believe that, if you can not keep control of the coronavirus, Bitcoin may rise in price. This assumption is based on the fact that the PRC accepted imperative to solve problems, especially of such importance. Therefore, experts believe https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/oktoberfest-online-slot/ that the government may impose a ban on the movement of not only people, but also the capital.

 Bitcoin: coronavirus may weaken the

 It is known that the cost of kriptovalyutnyh assets depends on the correlation of the course fiatnyh money. When a state of emergency is likely to be suspended gold production in the country. Prices for the precious metal will rise, which will lead to the fall of the renminbi.

 Another important factor is the moment due to the complexity of asset recovery in the conditions “cryptocurrency – coronavirus.” If the situation gets out of control, mayningovye farms can suspend work. In any case, those who are on the territory of the country. The users will be harder to get Bitcoins, the value of the asset will start to fall.

 Experts do not exclude that in the relationship “coronavirus – Bitcoin” possible scenario in which the spread of the disease will have no effect on one of the asset.

 Let’s remind, that the increase in the value of Bitcoins in 2020, is likely to provoke a rise in prices of liquid assets kriptovalyutnyh.

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