Quality Management & Training




Recommended learning hours: 30

Unit aim: To be able to conduct valid research, present credible findings and useful recommendations to organizations.

Assessment type: Project

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the process for aquiring new information using research
  2. Be able to undertake management research

Every successful candidate can at the end of this unit:

  1. Explain the different approaches to management research
  2. Recommend and describe an appropriate research methodology
  3. Select an appropriate research methodology for a given situation
  4. Conduct a research project
  5. Report research results and draw reasoned conclusions
  6. Reference research data sources using recognized methods

Indicative content:

  • Research methods
  • Terms of reference for a research project
  • Developing and testing theories
  • Application of data collection to business research
  • Use of libraries, the internet, interviews, questionnaires and other sources of information
  • Case studies of research projects
  • Drawing conclusions, comparing results with the aims and presenting the results
  • Presentation of inconclusive results and organization of references to the work of others
  • Dealing with copyright material in all forms of media and giving credit to the work of others
  • Risks to research findings including assumptions, bias and inappropriate conclusions
  • Referencing methods: Harvard reference scheme


The distance learning material is sent to you upon course registration. The package includes:

  • Coursebook
  • Sample project
  • Tutorial support is provided by telephone, fax, e-mail or written correspondence as required.
  • QM&T Newsletter with all the very latest QA news. Keeping you right up to date and informed on what is happening in the Quality Assurance field.

Learners have the following two options:

Option 1: Unit combination (non-project proposal option)
To make the incorporation of real world experience easier, and to give you as wide a choice of study topics as possible, you will be able to expand on an existing assignment from any of the other level 5 assignment-based units into a report that meets the requirements of this unit.
The combination method will be to take an existing, previously marked level 5 assignment (awarded a pass or higher) and to expand and rework it into a project that fulfils the requirements of the business research unit.
Option 2: Non-unit combination (project proposal option)
You will need to submit a project proposal form for CQI Examiner’s review, who will provide feedback. The aim of the project proposal is not to approve or reject the intended project – the aim is to give you appropriate advice and direction before you embark on completing the U512 project.
Your project will be initially marked by your QM&T tutor and moderated by CQI.