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Ramos left the Real because of debts owed to the bank, the Chinese need to save him

Captain Madrid “Real” Sergio Ramos can not get away from the club because of the depression that has arisen as a result of team failure, but because of problems with the business, which he was about to open. It is reported by the Spanish press. Details – in the material.

 Sergio Ramos – the undisputed leader of this “Real”. And, although he – a graduate of the “Seville” for the “creamy” he played for 14 years and can rightly be considered a legend of the club. Footballer came very young men in the team, which at the time played Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, and immediately became the player base. Since then, he has spent for FC 419 games and won four of the Champions League, he won four gold medals in the championship and four times won the Club World Cup.

 The news that he is leaving the club has plunged the majority of fans of “galacticos” in shock. Initially it was reported that the reason for this desire became frustrated with the club’s recent failures. We wrote about it in a separate article.

 Soon the president of “Real” Florentino Perez has confirmed that Ramos asked to release him from the team. That’s just the reason, according to a Spanish website and transfer sport.es El Golazo de Gol, is not far away in frustration the team’s success this season. The reason – the financial problems that have affected the captain’s “Blancos”.

 At first hard to believe that a player who earns € 12 million a year, may have financial difficulties, however, according to the media, it was due to the desire to start a business Ramos. Journalist Ruben Kanyasares claims that Sergio debt to the bank Banco de Santander size of € 35 million. The money he took from the financial institution loans to buy land on the outskirts of Madrid for the construction of residential quarters. Buy land with the help of the company Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Berrocales SL (49% owned by the Ramos) has turned out, only the City Council banned build there.

 Save the purchased land and to fill the resulting hole in the budget of Sergio wants with the help of his move to China. There he will be able to earn a salary much higher than its present.

 Perhaps the https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/old-fisherman-online-slot/ failure of business investment and is due to unstable behavior Ramos during the season. About him we described in a special article.

 Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Ramos would like to repeat the blow by Ronaldo himself, but eventually received a red card.

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