Quality Management & Training

Bryan Cox Metrology and Inspection Specialist

Bryan has been involved in quality for the whole of his working life, either in terms of metrology, inspection , test, appraisal, quality control or quality assurance.

In the 1965 – 76 period he taught inspection techniques and lectured to management groups on advanced inspection technology (including computer aided surface texture, roundness control and M.Ms.).

Overlapping during this time he was also actively designing and consulting on gauging and fixturing equipment for post in process and in-cycle assessment.

Involvement in specified quality assurance of a vocational nature began ci 990 with C & G 228.3 course offering QA as a core subject. This was followed by inquiries from local industry for stand-alone qualifications in QA – C & G 7430 Pts 1 & 2 became the answer. Further demand for CQI membership required the provision of the full range of CQI modules leading to associate membership. He was responsible for originating the teaching materials for courses and their organization.

The college is an affiliated company of the CQI and he is the academic representative. Responsible for creating a TQM module – preparing the syllabus and examination – successfully accepted by the CQI.

He also lectures to BSc. undergraduates on quality assurance.