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Iii Issues of the Prophets Attempt



Prophets on devotion

Prophets on mixer unjustness

Prophets on spiritual ritualism




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The Old Will has fin major sections videlicet law, account, sapience, Major Prophets, and Kid Prophets. uk.edubirdie essays The exercise of prophets in the Old Will was to usher citizenry towards accepting God and believing in his power to action their necessarily.

They besides prophesied almost the secondment forthcoming of the christ and provided perceptiveness on issues that Jews faced as they urgently tested to recognize God (Hindson & Yates, 2012). Iii issues addressed by the prophets in their teachings included devotion, mixer unjustness, and spiritual ritualism.

They predicted how multitude would tardily trend by from God’s commandments, make their own religions, and first oppressing the fallible. The prophets taught the Jews lots approximately God, spiritual rituals, and the expected agency.

In summation, they taught them how to transferral their cognition to subsequent generations for persistence (Steer, 2007). Their teachings were hard-nosed, and Christians haul much of sapience from them in coeval gild.

Prophets on veneration

Old Will prophets were elysian by the life of God to envision and severalize his citizenry roughly things that would routine them by from him. The bible explains cultism as the exercise of worshiping images that are not God. God uses his prophets to explicate this rehearse to his multitude (Hindson & Yates, 2012).

One of the multitude who bear this content is prophesier Jeremiah. In Jeremiah 2:1-3, God compares Israel with a unseasoned bride who is really fold and attached to him. au.edubirdie.com reliable Still, for those who disfavour and trauma the bride for her idolatry get punished by God for their mistakes done a catastrophe edubirdie argumentative essay inflicted on them (Steer, 2007).

In Jeremiah 2: 23-25, the vaticinator dialogue to mass in a sinewy and confronting fashion request them to rouse and survey God wish they do to their idols.


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Another seer who negotiation approximately devotion theresearchpaper.com/law-research-paper is Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 8: 17-18, God asks him whether he has seen the cultism tabernacle that signifies how practically citizenry get replaced his bearing in their lives with idols (Loken, 2010).

In the like poesy, God too speaks of his vast disapproval for this exercise that provokes his choler. God swears not to commiseration masses who avert from him, and preserve to discount his aim in their lives. God incessantly victimised seer Ezekiel to advocate and vaticinate against worshipping idols (Hindson & Yates, 2012).

Prophets on mixer unjustness

During the years of Old Will prophets, thither was a grave trouble of sociable injustices among the multitude. According to the Bible, Israelites had sour forth from their administration laws, hence resulting to far-flung injustices and bankruptcy (Steer, 2007).

This publication is wide addressed in the books of Hejira, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy among others. Sociable injustices soft by the Old Will prophets are likewise introduce in modernistic order. edubirdie.com essays A example is Pharaoh who captured Joseph and held him intent for a lengthened menses.

In Amos 5: 11, God threatens citizenry against edubirdie logo exploiting the debile for selfish gains. He says that those who effort others to sire wealthiness, bod big mansions, and recrudesce immense plantations bequeath not bask any benefits from their bad practices (Hindson & Yates, 2012).

Vaticinator Amos was selfsame alive in discourse to the Israelites most God’s judgement that would bechance them for all the injustices they attached. God had mandated the masses of Israel to watch the hapless and washy members of the company. Withal, they created a gap betwixt the deep and the miserable (Loken, 2010).

This was altogether against God’s commandments. In Amos 5: 14-15, God asks his masses to benefit to others in edict to reach interminable living. God uses oracle Amos to ask his masses to advertize jurist in courts for so that they can welcome his mercifulness when they die (Loken, 2010).


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Prophets on spiritual ritualism

Prophesier Micah negotiation almost spiritual ritualism in the Old Will by providing a unlike brainwave into what God expected from the Israelites (Hindson & Yates, 2012). Seer Micah reveals that God was not concerned in sacrifices and offerings.

Alternatively, he was concerned in masses viewing obeisance, humbleness, and confident rumination towards the commandments. plagiarism checker birdie In Micah 6:6-8, God tells his multitude that he does not deficiency them to pee offerings good as an indebtedness but expects them to be true to apiece early (Steer, 2007).

In Amos 5:21, God says that he does not okay spiritual festivals discovered by Christians because they no thirster institute masses unitedly. The prophets preached against exploitation spiritual rituals to search earthly satisfactions.


The teachings by Old Will prophets roughly cultism, societal shabbiness, and spiritual ritualism are applicable to the bodoni way of life in many shipway. From the teachings on veneration, it is open that God does not need his citizenry to vary from the commandments.

Humanity should not switching their focusing from God by turn to cloth things. The teachings on sociable unfairness show that all multitude suffer an honorable province of loving and lovingness approximately others.

Lastly, the teachings on spiritual ritualism demonstrate that the biggest prospect that God has roughly his mass is obeisance and the hunting for interminable felicity concluded textile possessions.


Steer, C. (2007). An Foundation to the Old Will Prophetical Books . edubirdie sign up California: Temperamental Publishers.

Hindson, E., & Yates, G. (2012). The Centre of the Old Will: A Study . New York: B&H Publication Radical.


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Loken, I. (2010). The Old Will Prophetical Books: An Launching . London: Oxford University Closet.

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