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The Six Sigma Yello Belt training course is a 2-day introductory course which explains the fundamental aspects of six sigma and the define-measure-analyse-improve-control (DMAIC) methodology, and how it may be applied to a variety of business processes. A key objective of Yellow Belt training is to enable and motivate all personnel in the organisation to become active supporters and contributors within the six sigma strategy.

It is the ideal training programme to ensure that delegates understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma. Delegates as a consequence of this course would be able to actively contribute in a structured manner to their associated Green Belt projects. Providing support and assistance to the teams in progressing the projects and problem solving. The training delivered via our blended learning approach is both practical and participative embracing exercises, simulations and distance learning to highlight the key tools and techniques.


The key objectives are: To provide participants with an awareness of the Six Sigma and DMAIC methodology. To describe the implementation of Six Sigma. To illustrate how tools and techniques may be used within a Six Sigma project. To enable participants to understand how they may contribute to a Six Sigma programme.


Multi-disciplinary: Personnel from all functions, who will support or contribute to a six sigma project. Executive level / overview sessions can be developed to meet the needs of specific personnel.

Agenda – Day 1

  1. Start [09:00] Introductions and Review of Agenda
  2. Session 1
  3. Introduction to Six Sigma
  4. The need for change
  5. Definition of Six Sigma
  6. Six Sigma organisation structure, roles, & responsibilities
  7. Defining and managing Six Sigma projects
  8. Six Sigma metrics
  9. Six Sigma breakthrough strategy (DMAIC)
  10. End [16:30]

Agenda – Day 12

  1. Start [09:00]
  2. Session 2
  3. Six Sigma breakthrough strategy (DMAIC) (continued)
  4. Certification criteria
  5. Review & Closing Summary [16:30]

Refreshments 10:30 – 10:45*
Coffee/Tea 12:30 – 13:00*
Lunch 14:30 – 14:45*

*Suggested times only; may be modified to suit local requirements