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Leading Enterprise Performance Measurement

Professional Level - PR 302


Course duration: 40 hours

Topic areas: Measures, Process Management

Assessment: Two and a half hour multiple choice examination


Who is it for?

This course is designed for those who are currently practicing quality and are in, or aspire to leadership or senior management roles.

Indicative course content

  • Leadership of performance measurement:
    • Organisations as a system and PDCA
    • Review of variation, control charts and effective measures
    • Mapping measures of performance to an organisational system
    • Systems thinking
    • Roles in performance measurement
    • Coaching techniques for developing enterprise performance measures and roles
  • Measurement of enterprise strategy:
    • Processes for gathering data on organisation context including competitors, benchmarking, technology, legal, regulatory, societal and standards relating to the organisation
    • Linking measures to strategic objectives/goals
    • Strategy map
    • Balanced scorecards and KPIs
  • Measurement and policy deployment:
    • Overview of Hoshin Kanri
    • Strategic scorecards
    • Review processes
    • Measures for business planning and forecasting
    • Measures for financial management
  • Leading performance measurement in the extended enterprise:
    • Managing cross-functional measures
    • Measures of supply chain performance
    • Facilitation of supplier/external provider measurement and reporting
    • Managing multi-site performance measurement
  • Leading operational performance measurement:
    • Cascading measures using a process approach
    • Operational scorecards
    • Dashboards
    • Visual management for enterprise level measures
    • Measures as drivers for continual improvement

How to Apply

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