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Welcome to QM&T’s book store.  Further details of each publication can be found by following the book title links below.

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The quality assurance books listed have been specially selected because of their value, currency and practicality.  All of the authors are well known figures in the Quality Assurance field.  Consequently, you have the confidence that QM&T has evaluated these books and they have QM&T’s seal of approval.  Not just any book will make it past QM&T’s rigorous selection process.


ISBN Title Paperback/ Hardback

Quality Management Series

CQI Diploma/Certificate Books
9781-904302-31-5 People in Quality £29.99
9781-904302-29-2 Management System Models £29.99
9781-904302-32-2 Monitoring & Measuring for Quality £29.99
9781-904302-30-8 Quality Management £29.99
9781-904302-28-5 Using Quality to Improve Business Performance £29.99
9781-904302-33-9 Management System Audit £29.99
9781-904302-34-6 Quality Related Legislation & Regulations £29.99
9781-904302-35-3 Quality Planning in Product Life Cycle £29.99
9781-904302-36-0 Quality Assurance & Supply Chain £29.99
9781-904302-37-7 Quality Control £29.99
9781-904302-15-7 Six Sigma £49.99
9781-904302-21-1 Quality Management Principles of Quality & Data Analysis £29.99
9781-904302-02-5 Quality Management Principles & Practice £29.99
9781-904302-19-x Quality Management Tools & Techniques £49.99
9781-904302-18-6 Quality Management Communications & Project Management £29.99
9781-904302-10-6 Quality Management Information Technology £29.99
9780-9528391-7-2 Quality Management (Principles & Techniques) £29.99
Mini Guide Series
9781-904302-24-7 Quality Improvement Mini Guide £5.99 
9781-904302-25-4 Root Cause Analysis Mini Guide £5.99 
9781-904302-25-4 RCA Mini Guide Kindle £2.21
9781-904302-73-4 Failure Mode Effects Analysis Mini Guide £5.99 
9781-904302-73-4 FMEA Mini Guide Kindle £2.23
9781-904302-75-0 Disaster Recovery Mini Guide £5.99 
9781-904302-74-2 Process Mapping Mini Guide £5.99 

Quality Assurance / Health & Safety / Environmental

0750641762 Quality Assurance and the Law Out of stock
9780-08-097070-7 Intoduction to Health & Safety at Work Out of stock
Various British and International Standards Various
0333558596 Statistical Tables – Murdoch and Barnes Out of stock

Inspection and Test

ITRI No. 555 Photographic Guide to Soldering £70.00

To order any of the books listed please send an email to help@qmt.co.uk