Quality Management & Training


By: Geoff Vorley MSc MCQI and Fred Tickle BA Ceng MIMech E MIEE MCQI

Quality Management is a dynamic subject continually evolving in response to a rapidly changing world. This book now in its fifth edition has reflected those trends and changes by presenting not only the theory but the practice of implementation, hence its title. In this book you will find the whys and the hows without being over prescriptive. That is why this book has become a standard for universities and colleges teaching Quality Management.

This book is part of the Quality Management series of books which includes:

  • Quality Management – Introduction to Quality
  • Quality Management – Principles and Practice
  • Quality Management – Tools and Techniques
  • Quality Management – Communication and Project Management
  • Quality Management – Information Technology

These books together form a complete series to support the CQI Diploma in Quality, thus ensuring they comprehensively cover all the very latest information associated with Quality Management.

Subjects covered in this book include:

  • Management Strategy
  • Total Quality Management
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Quality Audit
  • Quality Assurance and the Law
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Quality Philosophies
  • Quality Frameworks and Awards Schemes
  • Computer Aided Quality Control


Geoff Vorley and Fred Tickle are both associate lecturers in Quality at Surrey University and founding directors of Quality Management and Training Limited. Their knowledge of the subject extends over many years, providing consultancy and training in QA.

Quality Management and Training provides; consultancy, training, distance learning and many other QA products in Quality and Health and Safety Management to large numbers of organisations and individuals.


  • ISBN 1 904302 02 5
  • Pages: 444
  • Diagrams & Pictures: 131
  • Tables: 61


Introduction to Quality Management (Principles & Practice)

Section 1 - Management Strategy

Introduction to Quality Management
Quality Definitions
The Learning Organisation

Section 2 - Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management BS7850
Quality Improvement Techniques
Process Flow Charting

Section 3 - Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems
History of the ISO 9000 Standard
Overview of ISO 9001
Interpretation of Individual ISO 9001 Requirements
Software Quality Assurance
Project Quality Assurance
Implementation of a Quality Management System
An Integrated Management System
Limitations of the Management System
ISO TS 16949 & QS 9000

Section 4 - Quality Audit

System Review and Evaluation
Quality Audit
Accreditation of Certification Bodies
ISO 10011 Auditing Quality Systems
Typical Audit Sequence

Section 5 - Law

Quality Assurance and the Law
Criminal Law
Civil Law
The Law of Contract
The Law of Negligence
CE Marking
Product Recall

Section 6 - Customer Feedback

Customer Satisfaction
Understanding Customer Needs and Requirements
Measures of Customer Satisfaction
Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Performance Measurement & Benchmarking

Section 7 - Quality Philosophy

Quality Philosophy
Philip B. Crosby
Peter Drucker
W. Edwards Deming
A. V. Feigenbaum
Joseph M. Juran
K. Ishikawa
Claus Mrller
Tom Peters
Shigeo Shingo
Genichi Taguchi

Section 8 - Quality Frameworks and Awards Schemes

Quality Frameworks and Awards Schemes
The European Quality Award and British Quality Foundation
The Deming Prize
The Malcolm Baldrige Award
Investors in People
Charter Mark
BSI Kitemark
BSI Safety Mark

Section 9 - Computer Aided Quality

World Wide Web and Quality Assurance
Intranetting the (Quality) Management System


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