Quality Management & Training


By: Dr Mary-Clare Bushell and Geoff Vorley MSc MCQI

The aim of this book is to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the principles of quality control.  The book will explain the way in which quality control principles relate and can be applied to the design, development, creation and delivery of products and services.  The objective is to enhance the reader’s awareness of quality control and its terminology.  It aims to bring the subject alive sufficiently to encourage and motivate quality control activities.  The book will describe how to plan and deploy appropriate quality control programmes using appropriate control methods to ensure that products, services, or processes meet specific requirements and are dependable, satisfactory, and fiscally sound.

This is the first edition of this book which has also been specifically developed to support the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) syllabus “Quality Control” at Level 5.  It is an invaluable tool particularly, for students who will be preparing for the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) qualifications.

This book is part of the Quality Management series of books which includes:

  • Quality Management – People in Quality
  • Quality Management – Management System Models
  • Quality Management – Monitoring and Measuring for Quality
  • Quality Management – Quality Assurance and Management
  • Quality Management – Using Quality to Improve Business
  • Quality Management – Management Systems Audit
  • Quality Management – Quality Related Legislation and Regulations
  • Quality Management – Quality Planning in the Product Lifecycle
  • Quality Management – Quality Assurance & Supply Chain
  • Quality Management – Quality Control

These books together form a complete series to support the CQI Diploma and Certificate in Quality Management, thus ensuring they comprehensively cover all the very latest information associated with Quality Management.


Geoff Vorley and Mary-Clare Bushell are both associate lecturers in Quality at Surrey University and founding directors of Quality Management and Training (Publications) Limited. Their knowledge of the subject extends over many years, providing consultancy and training in QA.

Quality Management and Training provides; consultancy, training, distance learning and many other QA products in Quality and Health and Safety Management to large numbers of organisations and individuals.


Section 1 - Introduction

Introduction to Quality Control

Section 2 - Quality Control

Quality Control Function

Inspection and Testing Methodology

Inspection Techniques

Inspection Planning

Types of Inspection

Principles of Measurement

Basic Standards of Measurements

The International System of Units (SI)

Angular Measurement

Calibration Concepts Techniques and Systems

Specifications, Measurements and Process Capability


Quality Control Tools and Techniques


Discrete and Continuous Variables

The Normal Distribution

Statistical Quality Control

Process Capability Studies (PCS)

Specification, Measurement and Process Capability

Statistical Process Control

Variable Charts

Attribute Charts

The Binomial Distribution

The Poisson Distribution

Operating Characteristic Curves

Cusum Charts

Cumulative Frequency Curves – Ogives

Glossary of Terms

Section 3 - Statistical Tables and Control Charts

Statistical Tables


Normal Distribution

Binomial Distribution – Cumulative Probabilities

Poisson Distribution – Cumulative Probabilities

Control Charts

Average and Range Charts Constants



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