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This entry-level course for inspectors and students who need hands-on experience in the use of standard measuring tools and gauges. Emphasis is made on the correct handling and use of precision measuring instruments as well as making correct interpretations and recording of actual measurement requirements.

Additionally, participants will be introduced to measurement capability and instrument selection for the right application. How to avoid gauging errors will be demonstrated. Students will be given components along with prints to inspect and record measured data. An introduction of common terminology used in the workplace will be explained to assist in the familiarisation process.

Extensive metrology applications using “Hands-On”. All attendees will inspect real life components. Ideal class to increase your ability to measure products more precisely.

  • Strongly “Hands-On”.
  • This class is limited to approximately 10 people
  • All attendees participate in gauging, components provided.
  • You may bring in your own parts/drawings for consultation and possible demonstration if the following gauges can be applied.

A machined component with drawing, simulating real-life measuring applications, will be used in this class.

Consideration will also be given to:

  • Inspection planning,
  • Inspector role in controlling quality.
  • Calibration systems and methods
  • Gauge capability (Repeatability and Reproducibility)


Inspectors, Testers, Quality Engineers & Technicians, Quality Managers, anyone who requires basic instruction in measurement.


To enable delegates to:

  • Understand and confidently use all types of measuring equipment shown below
  • Complete such measurements in a practical work setting
  • Interpret specifications and drawing for measurement purposes
  • On passing the Measuring Techniques Course be QM&T Certificated Inspector


  • Principles of Measurement
  • Measuring Tools and Techniques<
  • Examples of basic measuring instruments to be used in this class:
    • 300mm Steel Rule
    • 0-25mm Micrometer
    • 0-150mm Dial Caliper
    • 0-100mm Depth Micrometer
    • 0-300mm Dial Height Gauge
    • Gauge Block Set
    • Dial Test Indicator
    • Radius gauges
    • Pin gauges
    • Feeler gauges
    • Vernier Protractor
    • Surface Plate
    • Digital Depth Micrometer
    • Dial Indicator
    • Digital Caliper
    • General Protractor
    • Vernier Caliper (Demo Only)
  • Tolerance specified and geometry of part
  • Accuracy in Measurement
  • Inspection Planning and Quality Control
  • Role of the Inspector
  • Calibration systems and methods


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