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ISO/IEC 20000 (formally BS 15000) is the International Standard for IT Service Management.  The standard is intended to encourage the adoption of a consistent and integrated process approach to the delivery of managed IT services and in doing so meet the business needs and customer requirements.

ISO 20000 standard is complimentary to the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework.

ISO 20000 is in two parts:

ISO 20000-1 IT service management. Specification for service management.  This standard describes the specific requirements that an organisation needs to address to comply with to deliver managed services of specified quality level (Service Level Agreement – SLA) for its customers. The requirements cover:

  • Requirements for a management system
  • Planning and implementing service management
  • Planning and implementing new or changed services
  • Service delivery process
  • Relationship processes
  • Resolution processes
  • Control processes
  • Release process

ISO 20000-2 IT service management. Code of practice for service management.  This standard interprets ISO 20000-2 IT service management for application purposes.  Providing a guide for application and useful for organisations preparing to be assessed against the requirement of ISO 20000 or used as a model for introducing service improvements.
Although, only a few organisations have been independently approved (note QM&T have successfully assisted in gaining approval) to this standard, interest is growing rapidly for the following reasons:

  • Opportunity to review and wherever possible improve the organisation’s; Customer Care, Technical Support, Customer Liaison and Help Desk services and processes to ensure they meet the requirements of an internationally recognised model for IT service management.
  • Ensuring a continued focus on delivering the services that the business and customers need.
  • Confirming a positive return on Technical Support investment – Putting the processes in place that improve utilisation of resources and ultimately their effectiveness. Together with reducing the potential for duplication of effort.
  • Improving the perception that customers’ have of the Technical Support and Customer Liaison function. Increasing their confidence in the organisation’s support services, which in turn improves staff morale and performance.
  • Show our customers that the organisation has the ability to meet this standard as confirmed by an independent third party.
  • Differentiator between the organisation and the competition. Very few organisation have been successfully registered for approval.

The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) consists of seven document sets: Managers Set; Service Support; Service Delivery; Software Support; Networks; Computer Operations; Environmental.  ITIL covers a number of areas, but one of its main focus is IT Service Management.   IT Service Management in turn consists of two key areas, Service Support and Service Delivery. It is these two key areas (consisting of 10 disciplines) that are responsible for the provision and management of effective IT services.


Course delegates will be able to as a consequence of this course:

  • Be aware of the aims and objectives of BS 15000
  • Understand the ISO 20000 IT Service Management system content.
  • Interpret for application purposes and internally audit against the ISO 20000 IT Service Management system standard.
  • Use IT Service Management system standard check lists.
  • Coherently answer questions regarding the ISO 20000 standard
  • Be QM&T validated and certificated ISO 20000 auditor.


  • IT, Support and Quality Professionals and Senior Management wishing to introduce ISO 20000 IT Service Management Systems.
  • ISO 20000 Auditors


Items covered include:

  • ISO 20000 Standards
  • ISO 20000 IT Service Management Systems Assessment
  • ISO 20000 Checklists (creation and application)
  • ISO 20000 Quality Systems Documentation
  • ISO 20000 Audit Planning
  • ISO 20000 Auditing against


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