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To prosper in today’s economic climate it is essential that all quality processes are evaluated in a manner that will ensure continuous improvements in both quality and productivity. Quality professionals already understand the importance of taking action before rejects or defective items are produced, or if rectification is necessary – thus avoiding unnecessary expense and halting of production with all its inherent problems. Most quality systems also implement a safety scheme in the form of sampling schemes at the goods inward stage, as protection for the consumer. For such schemes to operate satisfactorily, and efficiently, a knowledge of the underlying principles is essential.

Properly applied statistical control can prevent problems and lead to: Continuous Improvement in product quality Improved productivity and reduced overtime Operator involvement and commitment to improving quality. Reduced rejects, Rectification, test and inspection costs Reduce the occurrences of defective goods getting past the goods inwards stage.


Course delegates will be able to as a consequence of this course:

  • Be aware of the aims, objectives and benefits of SPC.
  • Be aware of SPC techniques including; BS6001 and Sampling, Process Capability Studies, Use of Statistical Process Control Charts, Attribute Charts, Variable Charts.
  • Be aware of techniques such as Short Run SPC.  Applicable to:
    • small lot or batch sizes and
    • large runs or batch sizes, produced over short time period.
  • Identify the most appropriate SPC techniques to employ.
  • Identify the need for implementing SPC.
  • Understand the role of SPC in improving processes.
  • Be capable of completing an SPC study.
  • Coherently answer questions regarding SPC.
  • Provide the opportunity to make real major financial saving through QM&T’s pre and post course supported assignment scheme.
  • Be QM&T validated and certificated Statistical Process Control practitioner.


  • Quality Professionals and Senior Management wishing to introduce and employ SPC techniques.
  • Quality Auditors.


Items covered include:

  • Basic Statistics
  • BS6001 and Sampling,
  • Process Capability Studies,
  • Use of Statistical Process Control Charts,
  • Attribute Charts,
  • Variable Charts
  • Probability Distribution


The lecturing team is comprised of professionals who have been especially selected for their recognised knowledge and experience in the field of statistic process and quality control.


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